"Wind horse"

The sculpture "Wind horse", created under the sun of Italy, is a vivid example of new developments in the work of Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov.

This, of course, is a test of new textures, new lines and forms, but, most importantly, the work reveals the versatility of the artist's personality, its growth and development, here there is not only an appeal to the inheritance of ancestors and interpretations through the prism of modernity, but also an acute desire to violate two world: invest in the image of the granite culture and culture of the East.

So, we see a winged horse, and for Europeans, grown on Greek mythology, Pegasus is read in the guise - a favorite of the muses, patrons of the arts and sciences, and for Asians who have absorbed Buddhism, the image of Lungta or, in another way, Khia Morin, a creature surrounded by legends, appears and legends, bringing prosperity and well-being to everyone, carrying good luck on his back.

The compositional construction of contrasts of smooth lines and chopped edges, conventions and details, mass and subtlety gives the static work an internal dynamics. The charm of a wonderful character comes from his inner energy with seeming monumentality.

Author: Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov

Materials: Acryl