Set «Signature»

The knife «Signature» in a pair with the flint was designed by the individual order. The original composition conditioned by the ancient custom of nomads. They considered both items as irreplaceable. The items include typical author’s ornamental motifs as well as specific details reflecting the owner’s individuality.
 The traditional elements of decoration are the dragon's head, depicted on the scabbard and the flint, the composition with the horse of luck in the medallion, and two flying dragons. The image of two flying dragons, where once goes up, and another goes down, symbolizes a circulation of energy and a balance of power. The depiction of a dragon’s head is considered as a talisman protecting against trouble and attracting luck instead. The flint is complimented by the shell turning toward the right. This kind of shell is esteemed as a great treasure in the Buddhist tradition.
 The specific feature of the set is the snake on the top of the handle. Its appearance connected with the owner’s zodiac sign, according to the Chinese lunar calendar. An item decorated with an image of an animal sign signifies the best of luck in all holder’s future endeavors. Another peculiar characteristic is the monogram at the suspension containing initials of the customer. Its presence emphasizes the individuality of the item belonging to the particular person.

- This knife isn't a cold weapon
-We provide to our customers all the necessary certificates needed for the transportation of the item in Russia and abroad

Materials: Damascus steel, silver plating on bronze, gilding, walrus tusk, stones, skate fish leather, shell  

Автор: Жигжит Баясхаланов