"Bull" (silvering)

The things that enter into a person's living space largely determine his mood and attitude to the present. A short self-observation is enough to understand the desire for luxury and beauty: objects that regularly come into view form our attitude to reality. By organizing the external world according to principles consistent with the internal attitudes of the individual, it is possible to significantly accelerate the achievement of goals.

The composition "Bull" is one of those works that can set the right motivation. The animal's horns, a symbol of its power, are depicted in the form of a semicircle narrowed towards the ends. Behind their clear outline, one can read the inflexibility of the will and a clear understanding of one's own strengths. The muzzle of a bull contrasts with the exact artistic solution of the horns: the shape is complicated by many protrusions and bends, and its surface is covered with a small wave, like ripples in water. This apparent contradiction of the two elements of the composition gives it greater expressiveness and harmony, achieved through the unity of the opposite.

Materials: bronze, silvering, Italian marble

Materials: Bronze

Author: Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov