"With a fair wind"

The origin of the image is a Buddhistic representation of a Wind Horse identifying the animal with natural power: a horse carries a rider for a long distance like a wind catches and spreads prayers. The dynamic and internal tension of the image is conveyed in just a few expressive strokes. The artist uses three levels of perception: visual, tactile and auditory. The mane is fluttering in a strong gust of wind, heavy breathing is being torn from dilated nostrils and a loud neigh is breaking out of its open mouth. Only one fragment is enough to imagine a plexus of strong muscles, the rhythmic beat, and raw power of the animal.
The sculpture brings good wishes: wind blends with the animal in a single impulse, like fortune attends all of life’s endeavours.

Materials: bronze, Italian patination, Pedestal - stown

Materials: Bronze

Author: Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov