The knife «Buryatian» distinguishig feature is the rich ornament. The decorations, included the relief depiction of the Buddhist symbols, are balanced by the smooth surfaces.
The ring at the top of the handle is covered with plant ornament braiding the straight lines. This pattern also adorns the knife «Stepnyak», but in the case of the «Buryatian», the rings repeated thrice. In that way, the ornament serves as a rhythmic element of the composition. The other details also performing this function are the polished parts at the handle and the scabbard. The recurring elements bond the item's style, leading all pieces to unity.
Beside the ornament, the scabbard also is decorated with the image of the lion, the auspicious design with two fishes, and the dragon.
A lion is one of the symbols of a Shakyamuni Buddha; in other words, Shakyasimha, which means «Lion of the Sakya clan». The stylized depiction of the animal decorates the scabbard. This favourable image combines the regal with wisdom, and represents the protection of the Buddhist teaching. The bared teeth aren’t a sign of hostility, but the gesture of a guard: in the East, an image of a predator is often used as a talisman.
The auspicious design includes several Buddhist symbols. The bowl with the conch shell is an offering to the beneficent deities. The right-turning count is one of the Buddhist sacred objects. Rarely founded in nature, it is associated with the Buddha features. There is the sing among the eighty minor characteristics of the Buddha that he always turns to the right. Also, the thirty-two characters of the Great Man explain that his body's hair curls to the right. And even the Sun, the Moon, planets, and stars rotate towards the right.
In the ancient epic, the conch shell was used as a bugle, the sound of which proclaims the defeating enemies, wards off evil spirits and natural cataclysm. The conch was identified with the Dharma and its spreading around the world.
The golden fishes represent relif from misery and spiritual enlightment. The man who comprehended the teaching gets over interferences linked with the affections.
The Dharma wheel one of the most ancient Buddhist symbols. It embodies the teaching, and its rotation means the human's transformation leading to refuse from the darkness of ignorance and to aspiration to the enlightenment. The eight spokes of the wheel correspond with the Noble Eightfold Path, guiding to the achievement of the spiritual goals.
At the scabbard lower part are placed the floral composition and the endless knot. The dragon flying over the mountains is depicted from the item's other side. The snake-looking creature wriggles sliding throw the air flows. The swirls, serving as a background to the main figure, signify a wind and clouds, among which the dragon hovering in the sky.
The suspension's finess also should be mentioned. One side of the medalion is decorated with the depiction of the yurt, the mount, and billows of thick clouds. The volumetric image of the horse of luck is placed at the center of the ring. The horse of luck carrying the gifts of enlightenment on its back is a symbol of the Buddhist teaching's spreading. The other side of the suspension is decorated with lotus blossom, and the wish-granting jewel over it. The jewel is often found at the Buddhist compositions and means wealth and welfare. The health property of the gemstones is connected with Oriental medicine and the making of pills from their dust.
The knife «Buryatian» is one of those kinds of items that need an attentive and thoughtful viewing. The richness of the ornamental motives brings the piece closer to traditional works made by Buryatian masters. Along with that, there are surfaces without any decoration at all, which makes the item easy for visual perception. Saving vision acuity, the pureness of the materials lets the viewer concentrate attention on the significant artistic elements. This is the appearance of the works' modernity and the striving towards a clear form, which is peculiar to Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov.

- This knife isn't a cold weapon
- We provide to our customers all the necessary certificates needed for the transportation of the item in Russia and abroad

Materials: multilayer steel / Damascus steel, silver plating on bronze, gilding, rosewood / buffalo's horn, stones, natural leather

Author: Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov