"By the water"(Acryl)

In 2021, against the background of the first experiments with the material, where, in addition to bronze, the artist begins to use marble and acrylic, Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov is also fascinated by color. Cobalt blue captivates, it is one of those colors that has changed the world of art, dividing it into before and after. Artistic searches prompted Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov to precisely this color solution, setting the right incentive for a new experience.

The richness of the conceptual potential gives rise to a number of possible interpretations of this unique, emotional and deep shade, and, coupled with the chosen image of the sculpture “At the Water”, immerses us in the thick, enticing blue of a clear sky, spilling over, filling the entire heavenly hand with azure.

Acting as a light trap, we want to enjoy and penetrate even deeper, looking at every curve of the sculpture along with the play of paint playing in the light.

The meditative features of the composition are seen in the obediently bowed head, falling to the life-giving moisture. Appeasement is expressed in the moment when the horse replenishes its strength, drawing them from the source. Movement is balanced by a state of rest. We see a free animal. The horse broke out of the bounds of the run of time, clinging to the measured flow of life.

Materials: Acryl

Author: Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov

Materials: Acryl