Set "Mongolian with suspension" 2

The Mongolian set with a suspension includes a pair of knives of different sizes, suggesting a completely logical use of two objects: a large blade was used to carve the prey, and, using a small blade, ate.

The massive suspension of the Mongolian set also draws attention to itself: a skillfully detailed medallion with the image of a dragon's head is succinctly connected with a three-dimensional figurine of a raven, whose beak firmly holds the main suspension ring. Another detail of the composition is a ball made of walrus tusk, and a tightly woven thick chain completes the decorative solution.

Both Mongolian knives are decorated with pomegranates, walrus tusk inserts and thin metal plates, which form the image of each knife as a whole.

The scabbard has overlays in the form of rich ornamental patterns enclosed in rectangles. The geometric theme is also developing here, which can be traced not only in the scabbard, but also in the Mongolian knives.

Materials: multilayer steel, ebony wood, walrus tusk, silver, garnets, natural leather

Author: Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov