"Hussar". Collection "Courage"

The composition "Hussar" is another brave warrior from the new collection "Courage" in the author's stylization of Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov's workshop.

The saturation of the image of "Hussar" is based on a characteristic artistic solution, showing exceptionally expressive features, cutting off all that is superfluous. We see how a shako with a visor and a sultan appears in light geometric strokes, a dolman with a high collar, embroidered with several rows of laces, loops and buttons, hiking leggings and even a saber in hand.

At the same time, the romanticization of the image of the hussar, as a symbol of courage and masculinity, is so strongly absorbed into our cultural code that a young man, ready for exploits and adventures, immediately appears before our eyes.

The knife and the stand here act as a single whole, one is impossible without the other, figuratively connecting and completing the drawn image.

Materials: Damascus stainless steel, silver, walrus tusk, Italian marble

Author: Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov

Materials: Silver