"Bull" with jade

The sculpture «Bull» has several variations with different sizes and materials. A bull is one of the animals without which human history is unthinkable. People of past times needed strength and the extraordinary endurance of the bull for cultivation of the land and the transportation of heavy loads, and the power of a herd for military strategy. Nowadays, we manage without such erstwhile allies, but the animal’s images still fascinate and attract attention. A viewer sees the deep trail of a long story going into the ground and the bending blades of green grass.
A bull appears in the mythology of many nations. It is a symbol of power and fertility. The most attractive part of the sculpture is its artist’s interaction with a figurative mass. Refusing to follow the monolithic character of the material he crystallizes the line and cuts the form like a gem. Threateningly towering horns and heaviness of looming frontal bone lead seamlessly to the curve of the cheekbone, the soft slope of the nose and the jaw of the animal.
Collaboration of material and empty space takes a special role in the forming of sculptures. For the sculptor air is as important an artistic element as bronze. The artist’s work has several planes: the visible one, which is embodied in the clear design of the bull’s head and the invisible that can be finished by a viewer’s imagination. Being inherent to all Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov’s sculptures, this feature forms the artist’s unique style. 

Materials: bronze, jade, nickel, pedestal -gabbro

Materials: Bronze

Author: Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov