The first thing about knife «Buddhistic» catching eyes are the golden details. Made in the form of Buddhistic symbols, the pads contain the images of the endless knot, the parasol, and the face of majesty. The meaning of the endless knot analyzed in the description of the set with the same name. The parasol means royalty and protection against pernicious influences and earthly affections. A canopy corresponds with wisdom, and its hanging silk valances represent compassion.
In Chinese fine art tradition, the face of majesty is well known as a monster taote devouring its own body because of greed. The image serves as a warning from avarice, and the jewels dangling from the mouth symbolize the danger of desiring more than one’s need.
 The form of the handle’s pommel reminds stupa, which capped dome decorates with plant ornament and incrustation with garnets. The stupa is interpreted as an ascent to enlightenment. In early Buddhism, it is a form of Gautama Buddha. Additional elements of decoration are inlay and carved ornament formed with twisted leaves.

- This knife isn't a cold weapon
-We are furnishing each knife with the required certificate, which uses for transportation of the items in Russia and abroad.

Материалы: Damascus steel, silver plating on bronze, gilding, African blackwood, walrus tusk, garnets, sapphires

Author: Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov