«Camel». Collection «Scythians»

The Scythian collection is a continuation of the animalistic theme in knives.
As the name implies, the items that make it up echo the items of the Scythian-Siberian animal style.
Their feature is the motive of a wave, a curl into which the figure of an animal or a separate element of the image is folded.

An example of elegant simplicity is the Camel knife. The absence of decorative frills emphasizes the smoothness of the shape, smooth outlines of the back, soft contours of the muzzle. The composition is full of inner peace, manifested in a funny half-smile, which nature has awarded the animal, and noticed
by the master.

- This knife isn't a cold weapon
- We provide to our customers all the necessary certificates needed for the transportation of the item in Russia and abroad

Materials:  Multilayer steel / Damascus steel, silver plating on bronze, walrus tusk, garnets, natural leather 

Author: Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov