«Tanto». Collection "Balance"

The knife «Tanto» relating to the «Balance» collection is close to the minimalism of Japanese art. The simplicity of the artistic solution focuses the viewer’s attention at the details, like the blade’s shape, the wood’s pattern, the metal shining, etc. The outline of the hardened zone named hamon has a special meaning. It looks like a wave running at the knife’s edge. The outline Hamon reflects the item’s unique, it’s soul, which the blacksmith put to the blade.⠀
The specific feature of the «Balance» collection is the knife’s holder, made in the form of a Japanese sword’s guard — tsuba. The tsuba has two holes, which use for the small knife kogatana and a spike kogai. The knife «Tanto» balances on the holder, which serves the source for the collection’s name.⠀

- This knife isn't a cold weapon
- We provide to our customers all the necessary certificates needed for the transportation of the item in Russia and abroad

Materials: multilayer steel, silver plating on bronze, buffalo's horn / rosewood, natural leather

Author: Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov