The image of a shaman is ideal for recreating the ancient Buryat cosmology. The shaman's ability to travel through three worlds – the upper, middle and lower, to assume a supernatural, inhuman appearance was reflected in the sculptural composition.

The sculpture is interpreted as a two-sided relief, which makes it possible to introduce elements of landscape, narrative unfolded in time into the plastic image. The shaman takes the form of a bird here, as if transforming before the eyes of the viewer, the image of a flying shaman and a bird form a single whole. The through-hole of the moon is expressive, asserting the unity of the two sides of the image and the two hypostases of the shaman flying over the night taiga.

Materials: bronze, patination, 2011

Materials: Bronze

Author: Evgeniy Bolsoboev

lwh: 390x100x520 mm