"Mystery of Tsam" (Dragon)

Three small sculptures are dedicated to the theme of the Buddhist mystery festival "Tsam" (translated from Tibetan - "dance"), in which monks and huvaraki-lama disciples participate. The artists of the mystery lama were usually dressed in festive bright clothes of the characters of Buddhist parables, with fluttering robes and wide sleeves. On their heads were placed large scary papier-mache masks, also brightly colored, depicting various deities or spirits-defenders of the faith. To reveal the images, the artist uses a technique of contrast and combination: angry masked characters and touching faces of teenagers peeking out from under big scary mythical papier-mache heads. Three figures of boys in Tsam masks are perceived as one genre composition on the theme of the life of a Buddhist datsan.

Materials: bronze, patination

Materials: Bronze

Author: Dashi Namdakov

lwh: 11x9x21 mm