A minotaur, either a man, or a bull, or a dangerous guardian of the labyrinth, or a defender of his home. It is drawn with precise powerful lines, enclosed in an abundance of triangular shapes, it presses and hangs, dangerous in its power, and at the same time so vulnerable in the fetters of its tragic fate. His dramatic path is built on strength, power and, finally, liberation.
In the three-layer torso, the chest of the monster is hidden a labyrinth, these are holes in the region of the heart with small movements to decrease, continuing the rhetoric of the possibility of victory at any moment.
The exit from the labyrinth is a massive metal panel behind the back of the minotaur, resembling a guillotine, deliberately created with a rust effect, imitating the abandonment, alienation that the minotaur himself experienced.
A spear in his hand and a confident, firm look resembles a hearth keeper rather than an angry wild beast, interpreting this image as deeper and more ambiguous than the plot of an ancient myth.

Materials: bronze, stainless steel, metal, patination

Author: Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov

Materials: Bronze