The composition contains the knife inside the vertical rack, forming a complete image together. 

The handle of the composition «Guardian» has the form of a half-length image of a warrior in traditional armour. The unusual shape of the blade is a reference to the «Sword of Wisdom», which is an attribute of many Bodhisattvas depicting Buddhist thangkas (religious painting on cotton or silk). It is a symbol of the severing of ignorance and attachments.

The composition embodies a call for protection. Such detail, like the closed eyes of the warrior, conveys the peaceful character of the hero. His soul is serene, and the weapon strikes only those who risk invading in his territories. The blade hiding inside the scabbard emphasizes the item's core, revealing the valiant image.

The scabbard is covered with images of horses and wolves running towards the horizon. The path lies through mountains and clouds hanging low to the ground. The scene is full of serenity and aspiration to the light of the sun, which is impossible to see but easy to imagine.


- This knife isn't a cold weapon

- We provide to our customers all the necessary certificates needed for the transportation of the item in Russia and abroad


Materials: Damascus steel, silver plating on bronze, buffalo's horn, Italian marble, jade

Materials: Bronze

Author: Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov