"Eagle". Collection "Balance"

The knife "Eagle" continues the Equilibrium collection and is made in the animalistic genre. The basic principles inherent in the works of Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov can be traced in this product as well - precise geometry, tenacity of lines, airy fullness.

The top of the handle, made in the shape of an eagle's head, is immediately recognizable: turning to the product, you see a sharply sharpened crochet beak, catch the swift glance of a dexterous bird in search of prey, immediately feeling the rhythm of heavy flapping of wide-open wings. The minimalistic stylization of the hilt contrasts here with the rich pattern on the blade - this is Damascus steel, the pattern of which resembles a bird's feathers.

The eagle is one of the most ancient symbols, which in many cultures is an attribute of the sun gods. The owner of such a product will definitely feel the power and strength of this stately bird, and will gain energy for new achievements.

One has only to pick up that product, how you can accurately feel the power and natural strength of this stately bird, having received a charge of energy for new achievements.

Materials: Damascus steel, silver, buffalo's horn, hornbeam

Author: Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov