The lash Tashuur is an talisman which helps to atract good luck and avert misfortune. The item's specific is revealed in the decoration.
There is a lion's head at the one side of the lash. The lion is a symbol of the protection of the item's owner. Usually, the Tashuur is kept with you or hung it on the left side from the house's door. In this case, the lash would guard you and your family. 
The other side of the Tashuur is decorated with a horse of luck carrying a wish-granting jewel on its back. It is an image of welfare and prosperity, coming in one's life with this horse.
The flick of the lash could remove the negative energy from a space. A part of using the Tashuur is keeping in touch with it, talking, and taking in hand without special reasons.

Materials: silver plating on bronze, ash, lazurite / jade,natural leather

Author: Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov