"Baikal cardiogram"

Realizing the author's ideas, moving along a new path for modern stone-cutting sculpture, Sergey Falkin embodies amazing images in a whole multi-kilogram natural stone.
Siberian roots nourish the creativity of the master and everything beautiful, powerful and eternal, laid down by nature, is reflected in the monumental sculpture. A multi-faceted "sea" framed by high ridges, Hamar-Daban mountains, Barguzin, fitting turquoise waves. All this was embodied in the anthropomorphic image of the fish-man.
The natural pattern and shade of jade created an artistic image of a unique natural creation. The master draws a kind of parallel, creating his work from a single block of stone, just as nature once created Baikal.

Materials: jade, metal

Materials: Stone

Author: Sergey Falkin