The sculpture "Moose" includes characteristic stylistic elements of the author's style - a clear outline of the form, emphasis on lines, lightening the design due to the volume of matter and empty space - with a bright artistic find that stands out for the work. The antlers of an elk evoke a whole chain of associations: it is a web of cobwebs, and widely spread wings, and wild thickets of the forest in which the animal lives. A silhouette looming with pronounced excitability, causing a feeling of heightened sensitivity to superior human forces: it seems to be a manifestation of the spirit of unconquered nature, expressed and free in its manifestations.

The elk is the only sculpture in the animalistic series not made of bronze, but of wire. Patinated bronze is a stable material, while metal wire corrodes easily. The metamorphoses taking place with it serve as a metaphor for the rapid changes associated with life itself and its increasing pace.

Materials: wire

Materials: Wire

Author: Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov