Set «Steppe»

The set «Steppe» contains the knives «Stepnyak» and «Small Buryatian», which are represented together and separate. The big knife was used for cutting, and the small one for eating. This division connects with life's peculiarity of nomads, who hadn't forks and utilized knives instead of them.
The hunting knife «Stepnyak» has a subtle blade adding an elegance to the piece. The decoration of the top of the handle consists of a plant ornament woven into a strict geometrical pattern. The ornament is framed by smooth rings that visually bind the composition together. The turquoise, appreciated by Buryats from ancient times, garnishes the upper part of the handle. Such a combination reflects the character of the item: discreet and minimalistic; the knife has its artistic finesse.
The knife «Small Buryatian» is a useful item, which distinctive features are simplicity and high quality. Due to its compact size and light weight, the knife suits to a practical person prefering minimalism to decarativeness.

- This knife isn't a cold weapon
- We provide to our customers all the necessary certificates needed for the transportation of the item in Russia and abroad

Materials: multilayer steel / Damascus steel, silver plating on bronze, African blackwood / buffalo's horn / rosewood, turquoise / agates / lazurite, natural leather

Author: Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov